Triad of history, evolution, and neuroscience

While reading The Neuroscientific Turn, an idea strikes on whether evolution, neuroscience, history can make a triad where history education can be refined by the discoveries of the other two disciplines.  Since we usually perceive historical events in two dimensions in most cases depending on the media we encounter them, books with words only trigger our imagination in flat dimension.  Video games, movies, and images may be more lively.  However, the longer the events have lapsed, the harder we can connect them or experience them vividly.  Of course, this fading of memory or selective memory must have evolutionary values.  Yet, the selected understanding also hinders us from understanding the full intricacy or complexity, which must have been as sophisticated as our everyday life, of historical settings.  Whether brain imaging can tell us what difference happens in our head between recalling personal experience and the events depicted in history texts?


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